Factory Eleven’s GolfParc teamed up with Horsham’s Golf and Fitness group in July creating a unique golf activity at Horsham District Council’s flagship community event ‘Sparks in the Park’.

Sparks in the Park is a fun, family day created by Horsham District council to provide the local community with an event bringing together sport, dance, music and activities for all the family to enjoy together. On the day there was a whole zone dedicated to sport and one of the challenges for the golfing team was how to attract players and stand out from the crowd.

Ian Ford, Sports Development Officer Horsham District Council explains:

GolfParc brought 2 eye-catching features to the sports zone. They really are fantastically flexible pieces of kit which can be modified and played, then re-designed and played again at will. The community day was a great example of how sports can actively go out into the community and engage with people rather than waiting for players to come to the clubs.

The equipment that we provided on the day was divided into 2 zones. Firstly there was a golf rig which was a zone created to enclose play where participants could really swing and play the ball high but within a safe area. The second zone was used to create a 3 hole golf course where players could be assisted by coaches if they wished. This area included typical golf hazards such as bunkers, trees and water features all of which could be modified and re-designed according to the players’ skill levels.

All those involved felt the day had been a success in engaging with the local community and hopefully encouraging new players to the game.

Mike Yorke, Directory Mike Yorke Golfing Academy was on hand during the day as a coach:

The support of the Factory Eleven team was invaluable in making an eye-catching and highly engaging golf activity that attracted literally hundreds of visitors over the few hours we were there.
We generated a great deal of interest in our programmes back at our club which is key in today's competitive market where all sports are vying for new players. Factory Eleven really helped us create the wow factor we need and I'm confident we'll be welcoming new players after this event.

Neil Plimmer, Golf Coach:

The GolfParc equipment allows people to become absorbed and engaged in play. As coaches, we then have to make sure that we nurture that enthusiasm and thirst to carry on playing. During the day we were able to talk to lots of children and adults about what we offer in the local schools, community and back at the golf club to enable them to continue their golfing journey.
Enquiries and feedback have already come in and I expect participation in the local area will grow as a result of the presence of GolfParc at Sparks in the Park - We look forward to more action at the next event!

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