Suffolk University

Working with the University and the Suffolk County Golf Partnership we presented a variety of golf activities for students attending the annual ‘Freshers Fair’. This was an opportunity for the County Golf Partnership to promote both coaching and golf participation opportunities on the Campus and within the local community.  For this project we provided adult orientated golf challenges i.e. golf darts and golf snooker and also converted a football 5-a-side pitch into a ‘nearest the pin’ and golf driving range.


The activities resulted in a number of students signing up for golf coaching courses organised by the County Golf Partnership.

Matt Abbott – Student Activities Coordinator:

Using the GolfParc equipment during our Fresher Fayre created a new dimension to the promotion of golf at UCS. The interactive challenge encouraged engagement, particularly with students who would have ordinarily bypassed a traditional stall and would have not thought about playing golf before. It opened up the sport to an entirely new demographic and has resulted in our subsequent coaching lessons being fully booked. 70% of participants on the golf coaching course have not played before, compared to 2% of students engaged in all other sports on offer at UCS. This is a huge difference for UCS, a small University with low demand for sport. Its impact has been significant and recognised by the Chief Executive.

The GolfParc activity during the fayre was particularly appealing to students as it included elements of competitive activity and initiated banter amongst students and staff; a combination of attractive factors that students look for that is not offered by traditional ‘give-it-a-go’ sessions.

The day’s activity had a significant impact on alleviating what can be seen as the somewhat restrictive preconceptions of golf. It was more effective than the traditional marketing and promotional methods of sport and can be largely thanked for the uptake of the coaching programme we have on offer to students. If only we could offer this type of activity for all our sports!