Jamie Richardson, a new teaching professional at the Pontefract club, contacted us to find out how the GolfParc equipment could benefit himself as a coach and the club as a whole. The best way to fully experience the impact of the equipment is to see it in location which is why we offered to meet him on Monday and give a demonstration at his club.
We set up the Golf Hole and Driving School in various locations around  the club allowing Jamie to see the full scope of how it can be used.
The 3 hole GolfParc was placed in:
- underused spaces around the course,
- individual stations and hazards around the practice green,
- on one side of the Driving Range, where it provided a much more impactful driving range environment
Throughout the demonstration we spoke of Jamie’s ambitions, the great work he is doing at his club and also the extended work in local schools and how the GolfParc equipment can help him with offering something new in all these areas.